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Laundry and Linen Services Phuket

Living in a warm climate can mean more laundry, as you need to change your clothes, bedding and towels more frequently due much more frequently due to the heat. Washing, drying and ironing can take up many precious hours that you could put to better use.

We offer a full laundry and linen service so that you don't need a washing machine, nor search around to find a nearby laundrette.

Laundry Service

Seeing your laundry basket full of dirty clothing and knowing you have so much washing to do can be very stressful. If you lead a busy life or would prefer to have more time to relax and enjoy your time in Phuket, you do not want to waste time doing laundry.

We collect your laundry, wash, dry and iron it before returning it to you ready for you to put away in your closet. Simple.

Linen Services

As well as your everyday clothing needs, your bed linen and other household linen will need regular washing. We do a full linen service to save you the time and effort of keeping your bedding, towels, tablecloths and other linens clean.

It is hard to beat the feeling of sliding between freshly laundered sheets after a long day. Bliss.

Our full laundry and linen services will free up your time to enjoy life in Thailand and keep your fabrics in perfect condition. Call us today to discuss all your laundry needs and to make arrangements for signing up to our service. Let us make the wash day blues a thing of the past!



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Laundry Service

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Linen Services

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